SC school shooter sentenced to life in prison

SC school shooter sentenced to life in prison

SC school shooter sentenced to life in prison

At around 1:45 p.m., Osborne reportedly drove his dad's truck through the fence at Townville Elementary and fired a.40-caliber handgun at teachers and students on the playground.

A SC judge sentenced a teenager to spend the rest of his life in prison Thursday for killing two people during a school shooting in 2016.

The prosecutor said he was pleased with the sentence.

A school shooter who was 14 when he killed a first grader on a school playground in SC has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. Authorities acknowledged a pupil gunman opened fireplace at a Southern California excessive college, killing two college students, wounding three others and capturing himself in the pinnacle. Investigators haven't said why the teen attacked his classmates on his 16th birthday. The special hearing was required by law prohibiting juveniles from arbitrarily receiving mandatory life sentences.

© Ken Ruinard / staff Townville Elementary and families affected by the shooting from 2016 hug after Jesse Osborne was sentenced by Judge Lawton McIntosh for life at the sentence-related hearing at the Anderson County Courthouse Thursday, November 14, 2019.

Alongside with testimony about his dwelling life, McIntosh is regarded as proof about whether Osborne will also be rehabilitated, the conditions of the crime and Osborne's maturity.

McIntosh said the murders were heinous and he anxious about Osborne's lack of remorse.

The portrait of Jesse Osborne that was presented Thursday was starkly different from the one prosecutors presented earlier in the week.

"I would just like to tell I wished this would have never occurred".

Tommy Osborne said he knows his 17-year-old grandson must be punished.

"I just ask you give me hope for the future and get me help because I do need help", Osborne said. His internet history included searches for "youngest mass murderer" and mass shootings at an Orlando nightclub, Connecticut's Sandy Hook Elementary School and Columbine High School in Colorado. Osborne asked for leniency before he was jailed.

Osborne a year ago pleaded guilty to murder charges for the crime that rocked the small SC town.

Psychiatrists called by the defense hold acknowledged children' brains are mild developing and it's unfair to ship him away for all times when the person he also can change into isn't any longer fully apparent.

Their case attempted to show a teen who suffered abuse from his alcoholic father, was bullied at school and isolated himself in what he called a "dungeon" - his basement bedroom where he spent all his time after being expelled from middle school for bringing a hatchet on campus. There were 31 in Jacob Hall's class.

"He would make him pull his trousers down. get sticks, belts, whatever he could find, and just start whaling on Jesse", Brock said, the Greenville News reported.

Meghan Hollingsworth's class was on the playground that day.

Osborne had attended Townville Elementary. A teacher and two other students suffered minor injuries. "They were broken before this crime happened and they are even more broken now", she said.

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