Angie Kent makes Carlin unfollow other females on Instagram

The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette

"I'd definitely be open to doing something like ['The Bachelorette'] again", Timm revealed.

Speaking on Kiis FM this morning, the fan-favourite shared that his phone had been "blowing up" with risque photos since the finale aired last night.

"Girls just don't even say hello, it's just "bang" nude, straight up", he told hosts Jackie O, Beau Ryan and James Weir.

"I never feel like he judges me, it's always just me being me". He was so calm, really genuine and he really looked me in the eye. Our favourite larrikin was not triumphant in his fight for Angie's heart, but he handled it like an absolute legend. "I love you Angie and I'm SO excited for a future with you". "You're the person who makes me laugh all the time, and I feel like you're my soulmate, I do".

"I think it was such an interesting choice for me to be the Bachelorette and it's been wild and I put my all into it and I don't know, Carlin stuck by me".

Us forever. Picture: Channel 10.

"I've cherished every moment with you. I love you my Noh Noh @carlinsterritt". You are exactly what I wanted and more coming into this.

"So when you meet someone willing to see past these walls and committed to understanding you and want to grow with you. don't let past conditioning, ego or pride get in the way", she added.

And while Angie and Carlin sealed their new relationship with a kiss in the scenic surrounds of Byron Bay, Australia, having fallen in love with quirky jokester Timm, was not happy about it at all. "Imagine, it'd be an absolute circus with me steering the ship".

"Yeah 100 per cent", he said, not missing a beat.

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