Backlog of 422 ships at Suez Canal cleared after stuck boat freed

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Most of the vessels waiting to pass through the global trade route were bulk carriers - which transport unpackaged cargo such as grains, coal and iron ore - and container ships, according to Leth Agencies, which provides Suez Canal crossing services.

The 61 remaining ships of the 422 that were left stranded after the major blockage are expected to pass through the waterway imminently, the Suez Canal Authority's chairman, Osama Rabie, said.

Suez Canal Authority says 85 ships passed the waterway from both sides, ending backlog of shipping that built up after giant vessel Ever Given ran aground in vital trade artery on March 23.

The Ever Given moved to a nearby lake for an SCA investigation into what caused the ship to run aground in the canal.

The 400-metre-long Ever Given, which was on its way from China to the port city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, veered off course and ran aground diagonally while it was passing through the worldwide trade route on 23 March.

"The investigation is going well‮ ‬and will take two more days".

Photographers take pictures of ships sailing through the Suez Canal as traffic resumes after the "Ever Given" container ship operated by the Evergreen Marine Corporation, was freed after blocking the waterway route for nearly a week.

The ship's operation is a transcontinental affair: the ship's owners are Japanese, the operator is German, the insurance company is British, the charter is Taiwanese and the canal pilots are Egyptian - while the ship itself is flagged to Panama.

"This proves the global maritime community has great faith in the Suez Canal and Egypt's ability to guarantee safety and security to different types of vessels", Rabie was quoted in a statement.

"It's the country's right", Rabie said, without specifying who would be responsible for paying the compensation.

However, if the issue of compensation involved litigation, then the Ever Given and its some $3.5 billion worth of cargo would not be allowed to leave Egypt, he told the show's host.

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