Biden credits American people for jobs numbers

President Joe Biden speaks about the March jobs report in the State Dining Room of the White House Friday

Joe Biden speaks about the March jobs report in the State Dining Room of the White House Friday

US President Joe Biden Friday implored Americans to keep up their guard against Covid-19, despite the optimism fueled by the country's strong vaccination drive.

"That package that they're putting together now, as much as we would like to address infrastructure, is not going to get support from our side", McConnell told reporters Thursday. "Good jobs, blue collar jobs, jobs that pay well".

The Labor Department reported that the USA economy added 916,000 jobs last month, the largest gain in seven months, and that the unemployment rate fell to 6 percent, down from 6.2 percent in February.

When pressed on raising taxes on corporate America and the highest earners in the country, Biden doubled down by saying it's necessary to bring the US economy out of the pandemic slump.

In an effort to fund roughly $2.3 trillion in spending over the next eight years, Biden's proposal would hike the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%-partially reversing the corporate rate cut that McConnell shepherded through Congress in 2017-and take steps to prevent companies from dodging their USA tax obligations by shifting jobs and profits overseas.

The jobs report also comes as Biden is pivoting his focus to a $2 trillion jobs plan that he announced Wednesday, which he said would revamp the country's infrastructure and employ millions of workers. "We are asking corporate America to pay their fair share". "It will make the economy function better and create more energy".

The jobs market is strengthening as more businesses and schools reopen, and as vaccines roll out.

President Joe Biden welcomed March job data as America's employers unleashed a burst of hiring, adding 916,000 jobs for the month.

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