Suffolk Poll: Nearly Half GOP Would Leave for Trump Party

Arkansas GOP governor says he wouldn't support a Trump 2024 reelection bid

GOP Gov Rules Out Supporting Trump In 2024: 'He Should Not Define Our Future'

The challenge, Hoover noted, was that Trump still had a major influence over the party, mentioning a recent Quinnipiac poll that said only 20 percent of Republicans thought the GOP should move away from Trump and more towards the establishment wing of the party.

"He will only define our party if we let him define our party", Hutchinson said of Trump.

Pressed on whether the Arkansas governor would ever support Trump again if the former president launched a 2024 run, Hutchinson bluntly replied: "No, I wouldn't".

"The GOP must focus on nominating candidates that can win in the fall of 2022 and stop the Trump litmus test", political strategist Scott Reed told The Guardian. We've got to respond to the people that like Trump. "That's one of the reasons that my voice is important, others voices [are] important in this debate". But Hutchinson did not join calls for Trump to resign and said impeachment wasn't a practical option.

Dana Bash commented that Trump DOES define the party, as evidenced by the decision by Hutchinson's nephew, Sen.

'He has a loud megaphone but we have to have many different voices and in my view, we can't let him define us for the future because that would just further divide our country and it would hurt our Republican Party'. "And he's got a good family". Jim Hendren, announced in a video Thursday that he would be leaving the party citing the coup attempt of the Capitol building. "I worked with Ivanka (Trump) and others and they love America", Hutchinson said.

How can Republican Senators read Donald Trump's Tweets, listen to recordings of his endlessly repeated Big Lie of a "stolen election", his incessant urging for supporters to "take back our country" and not make the connection between his words and the insurrection on January 6?

"I won't say yet, but we have tremendous support. We've got to respond and identify with the issues that gave him the first election and gave him support throughout his presidency", he said, adding that Republicans should reach out to voters using conservative principles. And, you know, when you look at in the 2020 election, the number of Republicans that were successful significantly outperformed President Trump'.

While some conservatives and donors are looking for the Republican party to distance itself from Trump, poll results like this leave the viability of such a move in question.

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