9 pro-Trump militia members charged for conspiring to storm Capitol

DOJ Oath Keeper leader waited for Trump's direction

Husband And Wife Duo Planned Capitol Attack With Oath Keepers, Feds Charge

The others facing charges are: Graydon Young of Englewood, Florida, Kelly Meggs and Connie Meggs, both of Dunnellon, Florida, and Laura Steele of Thomasville, North Carolina.

Sandra Parker, 60, and her husband Bennie Parker, 70, were allegedly affiliated with the same group of Oath Keepers militia members that has already been indicted on conspiracy charges for the alleged planning they did before participating in the riot.

In a superseding indictment, the USA has charged six people allegedly connected to far-right fringe group Oath Keepers for conspiring to storm the Capitol.

A federal grand jury has indicted nine associates of the "Oath Keepers" militia for conspiring to storm the Capitol on January 6 to prevent Congress from certifying President Joe Biden's election victory, adding to a list of defendants with ties to the far-right anti-government group.

The three others on the indictment were charged weeks ago: Jessica Watkins, Donovan Crowl and Thomas Caldwell allegedly used Facebook messages and a walkie talkie app to communicate during the attack. Crowl has not yet entered a plea.

Prosecutors allege members of the "Oath Keepers" conspired as early as November to storm the Capitol and had extensively planned for a military-style attack.

The others charged with Watkins and Crowl include Kelly Meggs, whom authorities called the leader of the Oath Keepers from Florida.

Jessica Watkins in military gear was seen on video taking part in the uprising at the US Capitol
More Members Of Oath Keepers Charged With Conspiracy In January 6 Capitol Riot : Capitol Insurrection Updates

Court filings revealed Saturday that Watkins is claiming she was only in D.C. on January 6 to help with security for speakers at the Trump rally that took place right before the Capitol storming. It's gonna be wild!

"We are retired so we can meet anytime", Parker allegedly told Watkins in late December, referring, the feds say, to becoming a member of the Oath Keepers.

The Justice Department charged six more people Friday it says are members of a right-wing militia group that plotted in advance of January 6 to attack the U.S. Capitol. Sir Yes Sir. Gentlemen, we are heading to DC. More than 200 people have been charged so far for their roles in the Capitol riots that left five people dead. Several members of the Proud Boys, a far-right, male-chauvinist extremist group that seized on the Trump administration's policies, have also been charged with conspiracy and accused of working together during the siege. Authorities say Sandra Parker entered the Capitol while her husband stayed in contact outside.

The Secret Service could not immediately be reached for comment.

According to one of the criminal complaints filed in the case, some of the defendants did not seem too concerned they would face criminal charges. They're only interested in people who destroyed things.

Authorities say Bennie Parker was in contact with an Oath Keepers member who was arrested last month, Jessica Watkins, leading up to the trip to Washington, discussing things like the uniforms and gear they would bring on January 6.

"I'm sure they're not on us", Bennie Parker replied.

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