Texas storm will cost billions for USA insurance companies

The logo of the Federal Emergency Management Agency is seen at its headquarters

The logo of the Federal Emergency Management Agency is seen at its headquarters in Washington DC

The President said he would ask acting-Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Bob Fenton on Friday afternoon to accelerate its response to the request from Abbott for a major disaster declaration.

Winter storms also left more than 330,000 from Virginia to Louisiana without power and about 71,000 in OR were still enduring a weeklong outage following a massive ice and snow storm.

"On top of the COVID pandemic, this has been a dual trauma event for both our patients and our providers", Gandhi said.

"What has me most anxious is making sure that people stay warm", Fenton said on "CBS This Morning", urging people without heat to go to a shelter or warming centre.

The average February temperature in Texas is about 13 degrees Celsius.

The state is also importing plumbers from Arkansas and elsewhere as well as renewing licenses to meet the anticipated demand for repairs to cracked water pipes, he said.

As of Friday evening, there were about 137,000 homes without power reported across Texas.

In Harris County, which includes Houston, more than 1 million people have been affected by local water systems that have either issued notices to boil water so it is safe to drink or that can not deliver water at all, said a spokesperson for the county emergency management agency.

However, water supplies remain low in Texas.

And in Jackson, Mississippi, most of the city of about 161,000 had no running water.

"They're working like the devil to take care of their folks", Biden said of Texas officials.

David Hernandez, 38, spent the night at a Houston church with other people who have fled their homes.

"People are still just struggling over here", she said. "Liquids in my auto were actually turning to ice so it was like sleeping in an ice box. I don't see what choice we have", Davis said.

When the recent storm hit Texas and these unprepared power plants, 40 percent of ERCOT's generators were rendered out of commission and couldn't perform under the wintery conditions.

But the remaining Texas outages were mostly weather-related, according to the state's grid manager, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas.

ERCOT CEO Bill Magness said Tuesday that the state was hit by "historic weather" in the form of single-digit temperatures, freezing rain and snow across the state that froze wind turbines, blanketed solar panels, and seized up natural gas production.

According to PowerOutage.US, 674,000 customers in Texas were still without power by Thursday morning, the only one of the US's 48 continental states to have its own independent power grid. Joe Manchin said the lawmaker was following the situation in Texas closely.

"So much of this was avoidable", O'Rourke added.

On top of the general stress of the situation, several tragedies were reported as well, including the death of a family who were trying to keep warm in a vehicle left running inside a Houston garage. "We are nearing a failed state in Texas".

The energy company published the locations of "warming centers" set up in local schools. That was down from 3 million two days ago.

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