Read the text messages at the center of the Ted Cruz scandal

Texas Senator Ted Cruz flew to Mexico amid state energy crisis, US media report

Ted Cruz arrives back in frigid Texas, admits plans were to stay in Mexico through the weekend

Facing an onslaught of criticism for his decision to flee Texas as the state contends with a deadly winter storm, Cruz returned home fewer than 24 hours after he departed.

The revelation drew immediate criticism from Democrats and Republicans in Texas and beyond as Cruz, a key ally of former US president Donald Trump, contemplates the possibility of a second presidential run.

In the last image provided to Insider, the number identified as Heidi Cruz sends information for United Flight 1020 leaving Houston at 4:45 p.m. on Wednesday, returning to Houston on United Flight 1019 on Sunday. Among the leaders who urged caution in these unusual conditions was Senator Ted Cruz, who recommended that Texans stay off the roads and not risk driving on the ice.

In Austin, some hospitals faced a loss in water pressure and in some cases, heat.

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Local officials, including the state's Republican Governor Greg Abbott, have blamed "green energy" for the catastrophe, specifically blaming frozen wind turbines for blackouts, and using it as a stick to beat the Green New Deal that Democrats and liberals are advocating. The two-term senator's current term expires in early 2025.

According to reports by CBS News, this is in direct contract to sources that say the Republican senator was scheduled to return on Saturday, with his wife and children.

"This has been an infuriating week for Texans", Cruz said.

'And Heidi and I, as parents, we said OK, sure.

'We lost power for two days, we lost power, we had no heat, ' he said.

Cruz's previous statement released yesterday said that he had initially travelled to Mexico at the request of his daughters.

U.S. Capitol Police officials and the Senate sergeant-at-arms have encouraged lawmakers and their staff to be conscious of potential threats and to consider advising law enforcement about their travel at airports and other transportation hubs.

Cruz's office did not immediately say whether the senator would self-quarantine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises people who have travelled to get a coronavirus test three to five days after their return and to quarantine for a full week, regardless of the test results.

It would appear as though public pressure forced Ted Cruz into an earlier than expected return to Texas, with NBC news reporting that he had initially meant to return on Saturday, but booked a return flight at 6am local time on Thursday. "It shouldn't happen", Cruz said.

This is the state of the border between Texas and Arkansas.

'So I returned this afternoon and I'm here working to do everything we can to get the power turned on'.

"A lot of Texans are hurting and this crisis is frustrating".

Now, Twitter users are reacting to Ted Cruz's Cancun trip with some hilarious memes.

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