Joe Biden Says Vaccines Available For All Americans By End July

Joe Biden speaking

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"So if that works that way, as my mother would say with the grace of God, and the goodwill of the neighbours, that by next Christmas, I think, we'll be in a very different circumstance, God willing, than we are today", he said. "We will have reached 400 million doses by the end of May and 600 million by the end of July", he said, per CNN. For example, "instead of a classroom of 30 kids in it, you have 3 classes of 10 kids each", he said. "And that's why we've got to collectively do everything in our power to reopen our schools as quickly as possible and as safely as possible". "My guess is there's probably going to push to open all summer, like it's a different semester".

In a video, which has now gone viral on social media, Milwaukee-based graphic designer Jessica Salas stood next to her 8-year-old daughter and shared how her two children often ask her about their well being and whether they will all die after contracting the coronavirus.

Before heading out, Biden told reporters at the White House that he picked Wisconsin for his first official trip as president because "there's a lot going on" in the state, which has battled a severe COVID-19 outbreak for months.

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"By the end of third grade, if a child is not at third-grade reading level, they literally drop off", Harris said.

When CNN's Anderson Cooper mentioned the one-day-a-week caveat, Biden pushed back. In response to a questioner who was having trouble getting her college-age son with a chronic illness vaccinated, Biden explained that as president he could only set some policies for the federal government but could not mandate states to prioritize particular groups, although he offered to stay on after the town hall ended to try to get the woman some help. "For the next four years, I want to make sure all the news is the American people", Biden said while he was asked about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's comment that Republican senators who voted to acquit former President Trump were "cowards". Many experts have tried to predict when life will go back to how it was pre-COVID, while others have warned that we can never truly return to the way we used to live. He urged people to continue wearing masks, socially distance, and wash their hands with hot water.

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