Junkee Media set to join publishers on Google News Showcase

Investment bank JPMorgan estimated that Seven West Media could receive between 39.5 million Australian dollars ($30.6 million) and AU$69.2 million ($53.6 million) a year from its content deal with Google based on an analysis of similar deals in France.

The high-level drama playing out in Australia and elsewhere provides an advance look at where Canada's political landscape could soon be heading.

The move would also prevent people overseas from sharing Australian content on the social media site.

Robert Thomson, chief executive of News Corp, said that the deal would have "a positive impact on journalism around the globe as we have firmly established that there should be a premium for premium journalism".

"The answer is because our platforms have fundamentally different relationships with news". He is then planning to table a second bill in the spring that will require social-media companies to compensate news organizations for the use of their content. It's clear that plenty of other countries are watching this saga play out.

"I've had numerous conversations with Australia [and] the Australian regulator that would be responsible [for] the media portion of the conversation", Mr. Guilbeault said.

"What they're doing from a very detailed point of view is of great interest to us", he said. The company's other print titles include The Age and the Australian Financial Review. Mr. Guilbeault has said Canada's online regulator will have powers to stop the unauthorized use of intimate images, sometimes referred to as revenge porn.

Australia on Wednesday said promised laws forcing tech giants to pay media outlets for content had already succeeded after reports that publisher and broadcaster Nine Entertainment agreed on a licensing deal with Google.

Google says Australia's proposals go much further. Both Google and Facebook have threatened to quit the Australian market if the law is passed.

With the threat of this regulation looming, Google has set about making publishers counter-offers in the form of Google Showcase. "Going down that route would destroy the business model of any search engine, Google included". This could be seen as the CEO recanting his earlier statement last month where he told a parliamentary hearing that Google would pull its search engine from Australia if the so-called News Media Bargaining Code became law. Facebook's action has ramifications for global users outside Australia who will be unable to share links on the platform to news publications based in the country. The payments are part of a new product called Google News Showcase, which will allow news outlets to package their stories - as well as video and audio - within Google News.

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