The First Lady Has Left a Valentine's Day 'Surprise' for America

Melania Trump listens as her husband Outgoing US President Donald Trump addresses guests at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland

ALEX EDELMAN AFP via Getty Images

The former First Lady made the announcement on Twitter Friday, but did not disclose what projects she will be working on under the new initiative.

Early on in her tenure, Melania Trump was the most-liked member of the Trump family and the broader administration.

As Mrs Trump settles into her new life in Florida, she has reportedly hired staff to continue the Be Best campaign. "Every day." Although her schedule sounds too good to be true, someone else said it's "not unusual for her to spend several hours a day" enjoying the resort's facilities.

"She goes to the spa, has lunch, goes to the spa (again) and has dinner with Donald on the patio", a person familiar with her schedule at Mar-a-Lago told CNN. "It's pretty much the same as it was before (she was first lady) or even when she would come down during vacations", the source said.

Mrs Biden, who already has almost a dozen full-time staff with her in the East Wing of the White House, has graced the cover of People magazine alongside her husband President Joe Biden, appeared alongside him in a Super Bowl television appearance, and held at least seven events or speaking engagements of her own.

Add to that, she has expressed dismay at the favorable treatment given to Jill - including multiple interviews with popular magazines.

She also appeared alongside the president in a Super Bowl television slot and has held seven solo events or speaking engagements since taking up the role of First Lady.

It is a contrast to Trump, who largely preferred to stay out of the spotlight and often shirked public appearances with her husband.

Notably, when Trump left Washington, she had the worst favorability ratings of any modern first lady during departure from the White House, as per a poll conducted by SSRS for CNN.

'Melania intentionally didn't do press as a defense mechanism, 'Trump's former friend Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff told CNN.

'Everyone knows Melania Trump does what she wants when she wants, and not one staffer on her team could have done anything to change that'.

Some eagle-eyed viewers noticed she'd obviously been spending time with her other Valentine that day.

To mark the special week of love, the FLOTUS installed huge hearts in shades of pink, white and red on the North Lawn of the White House, signed with "Love Jill". Each heart-noted by the Hill to be modeled after those tiny sweet "conversation" confections we snack on around Valentine's Day-featured an inspirational word, such as "strength", "love", "unity", "family", "kindness", and, perhaps most important this year, "healing".

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