Who Is Nia Dennis? Michelle Obama Call UCLA Gymnast A 'Star'

Who is Nia Dennis? UCLA viral gymnast video stuns the internet with Kendrick Lamar!

'Black excellence': Gymnast Nia Dennis blesses the internet with another stunning floor routine

Her routine celebrated Black excellence, featuring music from all Black artists, including Kendrick Lamar, Beyoncé, Missy Elliott, Soulja Boy, Tupac Shakur, and Megan Thee Stallion.

This weekend the USA gymnast reached a phenomenal score of 9.95 which helped the Bruins defeat Arizona State University in Saturday's UCLA gymnastic competition.

American gymnast Nia Dennis starred in an unbelievable ground routine in the ranks of the UCLA Technical Gymnastics team that won her not only applause from the audience and her peers, but also the jury score of 9,950 out of 10.

If the name Nia Dennis sounds familiar, then you're not mistaken, Dennis has actually gone viral before for her incredible routines following a Beyonce inspired performance earlier past year. Nia Dennis was also invited to The Ellen DeGeneres Show after her killer performance a year ago. Simon Biles, Olympic champion and considered one of the best and most successful gymnasts in history.

This marks the second time that Dennis has performed a gymnastics routine that has gone viral. That performance was celebrated by celebrities, including now-Vice President Kamala Harris.

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Dennis Nia's teammates accompanied the routine with applause and shouts
Dennis Nia’s teammates accompanied the routine with applause and shouts

According to her UCLA biography, Dennis is majoring in sociology and plans to become a physical therapist after graduation.

Dennis clearly didn't come to play, and she's received a well deserved, overwhelmingly positive result. Per Los Angeles Times, Das has had multiple careers as a former gymnast, dancer, and now choreographer.

Last year was nothing like this year's performance.

"I wanted to throw a dance party because that's my personality and of course I had to scream LA because we here, UCLA". Like this year, every landing seems to be flawless and she's proved that not only can she flip, she can dance too.

"And, of course, I had to incorporate a lot of parts of my culture" she said.

Queer Eye's Karamo Brown has the ideal reaction to Nia Dennis's UCLA gymnastics performance.

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