DOJ Identifies Hundreds In Connection With Capitol Insurrection : Capitol Insurrection Updates

Capitol attack

FBI arrests Warren, Ohio, man who warned of ‘Civil War’ on charges of storming the U.S. Capitol; family member tips off investigators

Aside from lax preventative measures and insufficient troop figures, Pittman also informed the members of the committee - which funds the Capitol Police - that officers were not given the proper tools, and that a faulty communication system within the US Capitol prevented officers from understanding what orders were being handed down by leadership.

He is expected to appear in U.S. District Court in Cleveland via video conference for a brief appearance Monday afternoon.

He said that the Justice Department looks for the most easily provable case to charge some of the individuals with and then they can add felony charges once if they have enough evidence to charge them.

Such charges carry penalties ranging from five to 20 years in prison.

"These are significant charges that have significant teeth", Sherwin said.

According to the January 14th criminal complaint charging him, a tipster contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation the following day and informed them that Vargas had posted pictures and videos on his social media pages showing he had made his way into the Capitol Rotunda. There is a $75,000 reward for information pertaining to a suspect.

The acting chief of the Capitol Police apologized on Tuesday for the force's failure to prevent a mob of Trump supporters from breaching Congress on January 6, as House investigators delve into a probe of the Capitol insurrection attempt. "There's no manpower issue here".

"We knew that militia groups and white supremacists organizations would be attending", Pittman wrote.

They also later reported that Vargas had participated in the Capitol insurrection.

Trump supporters tore down fences and broke through doors and windows after an event in which the now-former president called on them to "fight" and "stop the steal". Inside the building, Congress was certifying the victory of President Joe Biden.

Pittman portrayed the Capitol police as caught off-guard by the scale of the insurrection attempt, saying that officers ran out of non-lethal ammo on January 6 while trying to quell the insurrection.

Lawmakers have started investigating the security protocols that were in place and how the rioters were able to storm the grounds and break into the Capitol.

A charge of seditious conspiracy would mark a major escalation in the law enforcement response to the riot, as investigators probe whether far-right groups coordinated the breach of the Capitol.

She said that while officers had pepper spray "and other chemical munitions", they lacked "impact weapons" to counter the armed crowd. Sund has since resigned, as have the sergeants-at-arms for the House and Senate.

Several law enforcement and congressional reviews are underway.

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