Capitol security officials apologize for January 6 riot

U.S. Capitol riot

House Probe Into Jan. 6 Failings Reveals Restrictions From Pentagon, Apology From Cap Police

We knew that militia groups and white supremacist organizations would be attending.

"People said today that there was ample evidence, that the intelligence agencies had ample evidence, that an angry mob was going to descend on Washington with Congress' meeting to certify the election as the intended target", DeLauro added.

The acting chief also said the death of a second officer was indirectly linked to the attack.

Her admissions come as US law enforcement investigate a number of threats aimed at members of Congress and as the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump gets underway. A law enforcement official told The Associated Press that authorities have detected ominous chatter about killing legislators or attacking them outside the Capitol. A Capitol Police officer and Trump supporter were killed in the unrest, and three more people died in medical emergencies.

On January 6, Trump loyalists gathered in Washington DC, as congress confirmed the victor of the U.S. election; however, bolstered by calls made at the outgoing president's "Stop the Steal" rally minutes earlier, hundreds of individuals, in a riot that saw five people killed, stormed the Capitol and temporarily halted proceedings, shocking the world. Sund has since resigned, as have the sergeants-at-arms for the House and Senate.

Officers who have spoken to the AP described being overrun by insurrectionists who in many cases were more armed than they were. "Our officers are held to high standards for how they conduct themselves on and off-duty and we are proud of the dedication and sacrifice made to keeping our community safe", the statement said.

There are conflicting accounts of why the Capitol Police did not have more backup. Pittman's statement Tuesday provoked a new round of finger-pointing.

"I am here to offer my sincerest apologies on behalf of the Department", Pittman said. The Washington Post reported that the restriction was imposed by the US Department of Defense, and that a delay in deployment was the result of local law enforcement not requesting the DC National Guard to prepare a contingency force. During that briefing, acting US Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman admitted her department knew there was a "strong potential for violence" targeting Congress, but did not take appropriate steps to prevent it.

She said on the day of the insurrection, Sund again "lobbied the Board for authorization to bring in the National Guard, but he was not granted authorization for over an hour". But he noted that it's also important that they feel protected and positioned to respond quickly to anything that might happen.

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