United Kingdom warns against booking holidays, hotel quarantine announcement due

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Answering an urgent question in the Commons, Home Secretary Priti Patel said ministers "will not hesitate to take further action" to protect the United Kingdom from coronavirus variants. They are already preparing following discussions.

Sources believe differing views remain among ministers over whether restrictions should apply to arrivals from all countries to the United Kingdom, or simply those from a proscribed list.

Various options for quarantining arrivals are said to be on the table, but Whitehall sources suggested that ministers may opt for a more limited system after aviation leaders warned that introducing tougher border rules would be "catastrophic" for the industry.

Meanwhile, the government is also being urged to beef up its borders policy as several countries around the world tighten travel rules over fears of new virus strains. "As ever it's too little, too late".

Boris Johnson will meet with senior ministers and officials on Tuesday to decide whether to use hotels to quarantine travellers arriving in the United Kingdom to stop the spread of new coronavirus variants from overseas. People without symptoms can collect their luggage and are transferred to a hotel or other designated facility.

"AstraZeneca have committed to delivering 2 million doses a week to the United Kingdom and we're not expecting any changes to that", Johnson's spokesman, Jamie Davies, told reporters when asked about the vaccine rollout.

Senior government ministers are due to meet on Tuesday to consider further travel restrictions, including requiring travellers arriving in the United Kingdom to pay to quarantine at a designated hotel.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will discuss the proposals - created to ensure people follow self-isolation rules - with senior ministers at the "Covid Operations" committee on Tuesday.

The UK government sets education policy in England. Johnson was due to be in New Delhi as the chief guest at the annual parade to mark the India's 71st Republic Day but had to call off the visit to focus on the domestic crisis unleashed by the emergence of a new, deadlier variant of coronavirus in the United Kingdom at the end of past year.

During a visit to a vaccination site in northwest London, Johnson said officials were reviewing key data daily and that teachers and parents would be told "as much as we can, as soon as we can". "It is also reasonable to take a precautionary principle to protect this country whilst we work on the science and the analysis of the different variants that are discovered around the world".

"We are looking at the data as it comes in and looking at he rates of infection", said Johnson, hinting that the United Kingdom was very much on track to give the 13 million most vulnerable Brits a vaccine for coronavirus by February 15.

Other industry bodies warned of a "catastrophic" impact of further United Kingdom border measures.

"However, we must be clear that a blanket hotel quarantine is effectively the closure of our borders which carries huge ramifications for Britain and its aviation sector, already on its knees".

The airport called on Chancellor Rishi Sunak to provide a "comprehensive financial support package for United Kingdom aviation".

Hotel quarantine rules for global travellers have already been implemented in other countries, such as Australia and New Zealand.

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