FKA Twigs was 'left with PTSD' after Shia LaBeouf relationship

Shia LaBeouf

FKA twigs opens up to Louis Theroux about domestic abuse experiences

According to the lawsuit, twigs says her life became a "living nightmare" after she entered a relationship with LaBeouf.

Speaking on a podcast, FKA twigs, opened up about why she made a decision to publicly speak out about her experience, saying, "It is something in society that's a really big problem and it's really common, but for some reason, we don't talk about it".

Twigs also described a switch from an "intense honeymoon period" to something setting her partner off, which would then prompt LaBeouf to "start an argument with me, berate me for hours, make me feel like the worst person ever", she said. It sets the benchmark for whether you are behaving well.

Twigs recalled that their relationship was "great" when they first started dating after meeting on the set of Honey Boy in 2018, but she said the actor starred showing a jealous side. The couple had taken a trip to the desert, in which the Transformers star allegedly choked twigs while she was sleeping and at a gas station, then intentionally drove recklessly, threatening to crash the vehicle unless she said she loved him.

"Being nice to a waiter, or being polite to someone, that could be seen as flirting or a desire to engage in some kind of relationship with someone else, when I'm just ordering pasta ..."

Speaking on the podcast "Grounded with Louis Theroux" released Sunday, twigs, 33, a singer/songwriter/dancer (born Tahliah Debrett Barnett), recalled a frightening incident from February 2019 first described in the lawsuit, in which she said LaBeouf was driving recklessly without a seat belt and "threatening to crash the auto unless I said I loved him".

She further continued: "And it was really wonderful because I worked predominantly with an awesome artist and producer called El Guincho, and I did the whole thing with pretty much all of the collaborators over FaceTime".

Admitting that his behaviour led to her "really isolating" herself, 33-year-old Twigs added that another way he would be abusive was to keep tallies on how many times she had kissed or touched him during the day - and then punishing her if she hadn't met her quota.

I had a quota I had to meet, that would change.

Barnett told Louis Theroux's podcast she felt "scared and intimidated and controlled" by LaBeouf, and she "wasn't allowed to look men in the eye". I am definitely healed to a point where I can put my experience into something positive to try and help other people. "There is nothing else I can really say".

She stopped talking to family and friends.

And she revealed she only got the courage to leave LaBeouf after calling an abuse helpline.

"[He] accused me of not wanting to be with him". I never thought anything like this would happen to me... During a road trip in the desert, LaBeouf allegedly strangled her at a gas station.

Twigs said part of what made her come forward is hearing that, during the pandemic, many abuse victims are confined to their homes with their abusers, causing rates to soar.

"I had to spend a lot of time before I could leave, just trying to gather enough of myself together so that I knew when I left, I really wouldn't go back", she concluded. "This is something completely unexpected". I never thought something like this would happen to me.When I'm older, if I have a daughter, I want to be able to say, 'This thing happened to me. "And I dealt with it'".

"I am doing this for something much bigger. Just any sort of day to day pleasant interaction could result in a three-day event of me being berated and kept awake". That's all I want...

LeBeouf has told the New York Times that many of Twigs' allegations are not true but said he owed her and Karolyn Pho, another woman whose claims feature in the lawsuit, "the opportunity to air their statements publicly and [for me to] accept accountability for those things I have done". "I'm a big girl, so I can do it".

The civil lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, seeks unspecified damages for alleged sexual battery, assault and emotional distress.

During their chat, FKA Twigs talks passionately about removing the stigma around domestic abuse, particularly the tendency of society to blame the victim for not leaving.

Reps for LaBeouf did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Yahoo Entertainment. I have no excuses for my alcoholism or aggression, only rationalisations.

'I have been abusive to myself and everyone around me for years. I have a history of hurting the people closest to me.

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