Facebook launches pay-for-content News scheme in the UK

Facebook's News tab arrives in the UK

Facebook News service launches in the UK | ITV News

"Facebook News ", is a multi-year investment that will allow true journalism to reach new audiences, while offering publishers greater advertising opportunities and subscriptions", a statement by Jasper Dow, Director of Partnership Europe at Facebook said in.

"This is the beginning of a series of worldwide investments in news".

Facebook News also lets people control what news stories they see in the app, and lets them explore news on different topics from a variety of outlets.

Several major news publishers, including Channel 4, Sky News, Financial Times, The Telegraph and The Guardian have signed deals with Facebook to provide content.

Recently, Facebook recently announced it was extending its Community News Project for another year.

Facebook News launched in Britain on Tuesday (Jan 26), delivering users of the world's leading social network curated news content bought from traditional publishers that have struggled financially.

Sir Nick, the former Deputy Prime Minister, who is effectively third in command at the social media giant, claims the move is a "big shift in Facebook's approach to journalism".

Facebook said it is now planning to roll out News in more markets and is in active negotiations with partners. Data can generate incredible commercial insights, and the launch of Facebook News will provide news publishers a much-needed boost.

The deal aims to address some of the concerns that Facebook and Google are forcing many news publishers out of business.

Google said it would negotiate individual licenses with coalition members that cover the related rights and open access to a new mobile service from the company called News Showcase.

Though Facebook hasn't disclosed how much it will be investing in Facebook News in the United Kingdom, it has been previously reported that the social network's annual bill will run into the tens of millions of pounds, with some publishers set to earn millions each year.

"Besides the financial and operational risks that can not be managed if this version of the code becomes law, it will give us no real choice but to stop making Google search available in Australia", Mel Silva, managing director of Google Australia and New Zealand, told a Senate committee last week.

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