Amazon driver finds baby abandoned on side of road by apparent carjacker

Amazon delivery driver finds abandoned baby on side of road

Car thief place 5-month-old boy on side of road after stealing mother's SUV

An Amazon delivery driver on Monday discovered a five-month-old baby along a street after he was abandoned by a man who stole his mother's auto in Texas.

Fortunately, Amazon delivery driver Juan Carlos Flores spotted the infant, local news station ABC13 reported.

The suspect ended up dropping the baby off on the side of a road and ditching the vehicle nearby before fleeing the scene.

"When I went close to the baby, I wanted to cry, because I [said] it's impossible the baby can be here on the side of the street alone", Flores told ABC News.

'How could someone have a heart to leave the child on the side of the road?' Flores told ABC.

"I asked [the neighbor] if the baby belongs to them, they said, 'What, are you kidding me?'" said Flores.

Police believe the man who left the baby on the side of the road is also suspected of the vehicle jacking, according to ABC13.

Police in Houston, Texas are searching for a auto thief who left a 5-month-old boy in the road after stealing the vehicle he was in.

Police said someone stole the vehicle with the child inside after the boy's mom ran back into her apartment to check on something.

Surveillance footage from a neighbor's home showed at least six cars passed by the baby in the span of 22 minutes before Flores came along.

As of Tuesday, police were still searching for the suspect who took the vehicle.

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