Google Maps gets updated street-level detail, starting in a few cities

These cities will have a more detailed Google Maps view

Google Maps update makes it easier to walk through New York and three other major cities

Previously, Google said it would take a closer look at street details, such as crosswalks. We'll update this post as and when the definite Google Maps street view is accessible in more locations. In the event that you've gotten the update as of now, you ought to have the option to see these subtleties by zooming in to the road level in one of these cities.

Road width and rounded corners are more clearer, while crosswalks and pedestrian islands and now marked. As an example, Google Maps will be show a dense forest as dark green, but an area of patchy shrubs gets a lighter shade. This detailed map is available only for four cities across the globe, which includes London, UK (Central London), New York City, USA, San Francisco, USA, and Tokyo, Japan (Central Tokyo).

Google, an American technology company, has reportedly announced a massive update for its real-time navigation app, Google Maps, for some users.

Finally, the maps make improvements to the gardens, showing the width of the walkway more accurately, and in addition, any stairs are displayed in gray, so that people who are in a wheelchair or have a walker better know where they stand when they are somewhere. Behind the scenes, Google used computer vision to identify natural features - arid, icy, forested and mountainous regions - and then color them.

Remarkably, the job appears to be linked to your Google account.

Several phones have been given access to jobs in the Androidworld editorial office.

Google's navigation app Google Maps is getting a visual upgrade.

The change is subtle but pretty significant - as you can see from our header image, places like Trafalgar Square are suddenly layered with more information about how you would actually go about crossing its complicated road system.

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