Free Subscriptions Extended Till July 2021

Apple TV+ Free Trial Gets Another Extension Until July 2021

Apple TV+ Free Trial Subscription to Be Extended Till July for Eligible Customers: Report

Currently, members whose subscription was set to expire from now until June, have till July 2021 to enjoy their free subscription.

Apple is once again extending its free trials of Apple TV+, 9to5Mac reports. Apple TV Plus members don't need to do anything from their end in order to extend their free subscription.

Because of creation delays due to the Covid pandemic, Apple hasn't got an opportunity to deliver second seasons for a considerable lot of the arrangement that came out with the dispatch of TV+. This will add up to nine more months for free, depending on when people bought the product and started their subscription.

Apple also hopes to pursue existing members to renew Apple TV Plus subscription once it actually expires.

That extended things to February 2021, which you may have noticed is now two weeks away. That really does blow those 2-week free trials out of the water. However, the company has now pushed the extension up until July 2021.

Whether this all translates to a great outlook for Apple's streaming service in the long-term is harder to judge, but you don't imagine it's ideal that free extensions are a primary tool to keep its subscriber base in place. The same also goes for Apple One subscribers who receive Apple TV+ as part of their bundle.

Prospects on the Apple TV Plus month-to-month plan who're paying $4.99/month will obtain an App Retailer retailer credit score in that quantity for the following 5 months (February to June), as first reported by 9to5Mac.

As you can see from our round up of the shows already on Apple TV+ and what Apple has in the pipeline, there are a lot of shows still to arrive on the service. Apple TV service is available in nearly 100 countries. Perhaps the company is getting ready to launch that extra content and wants to ensure that Apple TV+'s subscriber numbers don't dip in the meantime.

Another thing these other services can rely on is the extensive back catalogues of content, thanks to which they have been well positioned to take advantage of the increase in streaming during the pandemic.

Apple will once more give a portion of its clients a few additional long periods of TV+.

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