Capcom Giving Away Free Resident Evil Village PlayStation Avatar

After only recently announcing the upcoming and exciting "Resident Evil showcase, Capcom has decided that users should get a free avatar on the players PlayStation Store for both the PS5 and PS4 that can be downloaded with a simple redemption code".

The publisher stopped short of revealing what the test is for, but noted on Twitter that this is our chance to "play a Resident Evil title that no one has played before". Could this be more Resident Evil story-focused content?

Capcom has opened invitations for a closed beta test to celebrate Resident Evil franchise's 25th anniversary.

Fans can now sign up for an opportunity to participate in the beta by registering on the official website of the game. A Capcom MMO?! And how does it all fit into the larger universe of Resident Evil? Since the code is unlimited, anyone with a PSN account can sign in and use the code on their own accord.

No one knows what the unrevealed Resident Evil multiplayer game brings as of writing.

As the Nintendo Power points out, the woman in question is becoming a thing Is popular Fans of the series Waiting for the Resident Evil Village and the topics listed below are just a few examples that have accumulated over the course of a few hours. Capcom's last exploration of the whole online multiplayer came with a previous series in the form of the "Resident Evil Resistance" game which was a certain mode that was bundled with the "Resident Evil 3" remake of past year. Its return to the forefront started with the 2017 release of Resident Evil 7, which marked a major departure from the franchise, as players were set in a first-person perspective.

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