United States halts imports of Xinjiang cotton and tomatoes

UK To Bring New Rules To Stop Imports From China's Xinjiang

UK to fine companies that fail to disclose imports tied to China's Xinjiang region

The government intends to exclude suppliers and review export controls to prevent the shipping of any goods that could contribute to such violations in Xinjiang, where China is accused of widespread rights violations against Uighurs and other Muslim minority groups.

"We already have tough measures.to protect this country from new infections coming in from overseas", he said.

China said on Wednesday that it would defend itself against a British government demand that companies ensure their supply chains are free from forced labour linked to the northwestern Chinese region of Xinjiang or face punishing fines.

The move is the latest by the Trump administration in its final days to harden the US position against Beijing, erecting economic penalties that would make it more hard for president-elect Joe Biden to ease US-China tensions after he takes office on Jan 20. -China tensions after he takes office on January 20.

The move follows a ban on cotton products from China's largest producer, the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

CBP officials said some 43 shipments of cotton-based products have been detained at U.S. entry ports since the XPCC ban was announced.

China has come under scrutiny over its treatment of Uighur Muslims and allegations of forced-labour abuses in Xinjiang, where the United Nations cites credible reports that 1 million Muslims held in camps have been put to work.

Beijing has long defended the crackdown in Xinjiang as necessary to tackle extremism and terrorism, and has claimed that its facilities are voluntary "training centers" where people learn vocational skills, Chinese language and laws.

UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab on Tuesday announced the new measures, which the Foreign Office says are created to ensure that all British organizations "are not complicit in, nor profiting from, the human rights violations in Xinjiang".

"The US side resorts to pressure, sanctions and other means to suppress Xinjiang enterprises and undercut Xinjiang's stability, development and prosperity", the statement said.

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