Michigan Ex-Governor Charged over Flint Water Crisis

Former Gov. Rick Snyder in 2016 Credit Steve Carmody  Michigan Radio

Former Gov. Rick Snyder in 2016 Credit Steve Carmody Michigan Radio

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This comes after news of charges being filed against former Gov. Rick Snyder, and several other officials in connection to the case. They spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. The lead contaminated water has also been blamed for a deadly outbreak of Legionnaires' disease in the area. The water crisis led to a risky Legionnaires' disease outbreak in 2014-2015. The attorney general's office declined to comment on details of the ongoing investigation.

The alleged offense date is April 25, 2014, when a Snyder-appointed emergency manager who was running the financially struggling, majority Black city carried out a money-saving decision to use the Flint River for water while a regional pipeline from Lake Huron was under construction.

Then-Governor Snyder eventually acknowledged the problem, accepted the resignation of his environmental chief and pledged to aid the city.

State officials in MI are planning to present charges against former Governor Rick Snyder amid a new investigation of the Flint Water scandal. Snyder was not charged in that probe. Any charges would be meritless.

The lawyers added that they believe the Office of Special Council needs a "scapegoat" after "wasting five years and tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on a fruitless investigation", and that Snyder is a target in a political escapade.

Attorneys for Baird and Croft said they were told to expect charges and, while the attorney for Lyon would not say the same outright, he said they have every reason to expect charges.

In his Tuesday post, Moore said that Snyder "took over the city of Flint" and replaced its leaders with "his Republican, pro-business lackeys".

Despite desperate pleas from residents holding jugs of discolored, skunky water, the Snyder administration took no significant action until a doctor reported elevated lead levels in children about 18 months later.

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