CES 2021: Samsung's Bot Handy acts as a housekeeper

Samsung robot bot Handy CES 2021

Samsung's 'Bot Handy' is there for all your personal needs, like pouring the vino

The most intriguing feature Samsung showed off in its CES press conference was the Jet Bot acting as a pet monitor, using its camera to monitor activity and even feed your pet via a SmartThings Pet (a robot pet feeder). Among fresh launches is its new range of bespoke refrigerators that you can mix, match and combine into different configurations.

Also in development is the Samsung Bot Handy. Alongside the catchy demos of its smart home gizmos, two of Samsung's sustainability efforts caught the eye. The first is its shift to its DRAMs and SSDs in its data centres and servers, which can apparently make a 7TWh (Tera-Watt-hour) difference in energy consumption. It can also double as a house monitoring robot in case you aren't around. The firm is rigorously working towards bringing to its customers, next-gen innovations, with AI as the core enables, for a better future. The new 4-Door model, available in North America this spring, also includes a brand-new Beverage Center™, which gives quick access to a water dispenser and an automatically-filled water pitcher. The result is a spectacularly immersive viewing experience with astounding picture quality. Also, for United States consumers, more than 160 free channels1 are available through Samsung TV Plus. As per the company, the Samsung 110-inch MICRO LED will be released globally this spring.

Meanwhile, SmartThings Cooking is a new home automation service which features an automatic meal planner that recommends food for the course of the entire week. During and post-workout, Smart Trainer provides feedback on form, helps you count your reps, and estimates calories burned.

The line-up includes a robot vacuum cleaner which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify cables and fragile objects when tidying.

I believe Samsung is implying that the Bot Handy could potentially become my new robot sidekick, a loyal companion who will spend its days making my life easier, allowing me to spend more of my precious time watching television on any one of the 5,000 streaming platforms that will emerge in our near future.

It's supposed to learn your schedule and habits as well as send you reminders to help guide you throughout your day.

The other home robots Samsung showed off were Bot Handy, a robot created to be an extra hand around the house - Samsung showed the former actually loading the dishwasher and laying the table.

While eerily waving at this "trusted partner", Sebastian Seung, president of Samsung Research, describes the Bot Handy as "a home robot that can both recognize and grab objects, becoming an extension of you in the kitchen, in the living room, and anywhere else you may need that extra hand in your home".

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