Sony Enters Drone Arena With Airpeak

Sony's Airpeak drone makes its debut at CES 2021

CES 2021: Sony's New Airpeak Drone Wields Alpha Cameras And Uses AI For Smooth Video Capture

The drone project was initially announced back in November via press release, but Sony clearly wanted to wait for a special occasion like CES to debut it in all its glory.

At the ongoing virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021, Sony showcased its first Airpeak drone.

Throughout the video, you can see Airpeak capturing aerial shots during a road test of Sony's Vision-S - the concept vehicle it randomly launched at last year's CES.

We'll have more details as they become available.

As expected from a company famous for its home entertainment, the cabin is home to many high-definition infotainment screens, which Sony describes as an "immersive video and sound system". Automotive development is an incredibly expensive affair, with estimates in the region of $1bn for a vehicle manufacturer to bring a whole new platform to market, thus it seemed like the Vision-S was more of a showcase of Sony's sensor and AI technologies. Video footage suggests several other features, including a voice assistant, gesture control, ability to update car's software wirelessly, 5G connectivity and more.

On to that camera, it seems to be surprisingly complex and capable.

The Vision-S uses sideview cameras, rather than mirrors. According to the Japanese electronic giant, the whole system continuously evolves through repeated use, and actual driving data and preferences are taken into account to make the auto as comfortable as possible.

To prove Sony's intentions to help support creativity to the fullest extent, the company also provided footage of Airpeak in action.

All of this begs the question: Why would a company invest so much money, time, and resources into a project that they had no intent of producing?

To keep people secure, the Vision-S has what Sony refers to as the "Safety Cocoon" that comprises dozens of sensors to monitor in 360 degrees around the vehicle. However, given the rapid developments in the automotive industry these days with the shift to electrification, one can not completely rule out the possibility of the Japanese giant building the vehicle.

As to why Sony built a sedate sedan instead of a flashy concept, Kawanishi said, "It would be meaningless for us to work on something that was unlikely to be realised".

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