LG is set to produce a rollable phone concept soon

LG is set to produce a rollable phone concept soon

This could be our first look at LG’s rollable smartphone

CES 2021 holds several of the best technology releases and innovations that the world has, from different companies and individuals who have imaginative minds that focus on futuristic designs. It is assumed that the screen will be able to expand and contract based on the user's needs, similar to LG's rollable televisions. " Indian The company said in a statement without disclosing further details".

The President of LG Electronics teased viewers at the CES that the LG Rollable might come in early this year. TCL's rollable phone concept was shown at the CES press conference. Although Oppo was the first to introduce this concept with its Oppo Find X 2021, it seems like LG might beat Oppo in commercially making this device available.

LG is experimenting with wild new smartphone designs via its "Explorer Project". LG is yet to reveal what technology the Rollable uses to achieve its rollable form factor.

From what could be understood, the LG Rollable has a display that is connected at the bottom of the device, but then it comes out through the top half and goes back into the phone. People familiar with LG's plans, though, told CNET that the device is more than just an idea.

Last year, LG rolled out the LG Wing, a device with two displays stacked together, the top one could swivel out into the horizontal mode.

Not much is known at the moment about the TCL rollable phone. I think so. The Galaxy Fold 2 is such a great device because it doubles as both high-end phone and perfectly-sized mini tablet. Moreover, its primary specification is its rollable display that seems to be the same size as the iPhone 12 Pro Max at 6.7 inches, with an extending display.

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