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Hitman 3’s final locations revealed

Specifically, you'll be playing detective at Thornbridge Manor for a mission that's got a murder mystery twist.

With the Hitman 3 release date just a few days away, IO Interactive has shed new light on some of the locations fans will be exploring in Hitman 3.

HITMAN 3's epilogue sees Agent 47 return to Romania. Below, we will be covering the six new locations in Hitman 3.

"Hitman 3's penultimate mission takes Agent 47 to Argentina", reads an official blog post. Dubai, England, and China all looked like fascinating zones to explore, while the recently revealed levels of Berlin, Mendoza, and Romania's Carpathian mountains look like Hitman at its best: Picturesque, stunningly detailed, and begging to be explored as you work your way towards your target.

Head to Berlin's outskirts, a city known for its fairytales, vibrant style, and chaotic nightlife.

Hitman's World of Assassination trilogy is coming to an end, and Io Interactive wants to finish it with all the luxury and atmosphere. This megacity is a transport hub, so there are lots of people passing through. "One of the most famous wine-producing regions in South America". From the sloping hills to the modern vineyards, there's plenty of opportunities to explore.

IO Interactive also wrote a bit about each location and its place in the story of Hitman 3.

In a recent interview with VG247 concerning the upcoming release of Hitman 3, IO Interactive executive producer Forest Swartout Large and communications manager Travis Barbour touched on the inclusion of the briefcase bug in the new game.

Don't worry though, we won't list any of the Trophies here if you're concerned about being spoiled on Hitman 3 at all.

HITMAN 3 will be available on 20 January 2021 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC.

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