Real Betis Builds on this Season and Looks Toward the Future

Real Betis Builds on this Season and Looks Toward the Future

Real Betis Builds on this Season and Looks Toward the Future

Real Betis, the storied football club based in Seville, Spain, has a lot going for it as 2020 approaches. At the start of the La Liga season the club was helped financially by a change in sponsor, inking a 3-year agreement with online trading firm easyMarkets. Then the legendary team began the season with three competitive games and managed to pull out a surprising victory against a powerful opponent. Now, with the fresh start both financially and competitively, the team stands to notch a solid 2019/2020 season. Below is a look at what’s recently been happening for the players, fans and owners of the beloved football organization for this season and beyond.

A Strong Start

In the team’s home opener game in August, they lost a squeaker to respected rivals Valladolid by a score of 2 to 1. But just a month later, in September, the team secured a solid victory against Levante. Sports analysts see a new spirit among the players and managers of Betis and believe the team has a good chance of producing a respectable season for 2020 within a very strong La Liga roster of teams.

Results for the Season, So Far

With a wins-draws-losses record of 6-5-6 so far this year, the team has 22 games remaining and hopes to move from its current position of 11th in La Liga into the top ten. Last season, for example, Betis finished 10th in the league with a 14-8-16 record. As things stand, the team's number of losses and wins is exactly equal.

The team is doing better this season than they did in the first half of last year's cycle, primarily due to a more consistent lineup of veteran players. In addition to midfielder Joaquin, still under intense media coverage from his hat trick in a game against Athletic Bilbao on Dec. 8. In the most recent match against RCD Espanyol, Iglesias, Bartra and Morena showed their best moves in a tough game where Espanyol evened the score before halftime to 1-1. Later, Bartra's closing goal won it all for Betis.

Team manager Rubi is still in his first year with the team even though he is an experienced coach, with a lifetime record of 225-140-185, impressive for anyone in professional football. Rubi noted in a recent interview that Betis is strong this season but needs to recruit some mid-field additions to ramp up the level of play. So far, Betis and Rubi are both having a good season. Most observers expect Betis to win the majority of its remaining games and possibly move into the top five teams of La Liga by season's end.

The Legend of Real Betis Balompié

When easyMarkets signed the sponsorship agreement with one of Spain’s most historic football organizations, Real Betis Balompié, it was obvious to all that the team had entered into a new era.

The club has endeavored for more than a century to survive just about every kind of challenge, both on and off the field. In addition to the financial ups and downs over the decades, Real Betis has lived through coaching challenges, competitive dry spells and tests of its very existence. But through it all, the organization persevered. They became competitive again, have won several football accolades, brought in a top-notch roster of players, reentered La Liga after being on the outside for many years, and, finally, got the financial backing they need to put the final piece in the puzzle.

Older fans recall a time, just before and after WWII, when the team weren’t able to compete above the third-level league, had severe money problems and scrambled just to put a full squad together. Those days are long gone as the team enters the 2020s fresh and ready to write a new chapter to the legend of Real Betis Balompié.


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