WhiteHat Jr files Rs 14 crore defamation suit against investor Aniruddha Malpani

WhiteHat Jr Founder Files Rs 20 Crore Lawsuit Against Critic Who Publicly Slammed Company

Delhi HC grants ad-interim injunction in WhiteHat Jr defamation suit

The court has ordered Poonia from publishing the communication and chats of WhiteHat Jr and its employees, which Poonia allegedly obtained by hacking the company's internal communication on the messaging platform Slack.

In the defamation suit, WhiteHat Jr and its co-founder and chief executive officer Karan Bajaj claimed that Malpani's tweets contain "unfounded allegations" that the company's operations are corrupt and unethical, that it's employers are unqualified, its service is overpriced and unhealthy for children, and also that WhiteHat Jr's course material is stolen from Code.org. WhiteHat Jr pleaded the court for a permanent injunction restraining Malpani from posting defamatory content, infringing its trademark, and asked that all the mentioned tweets be removed.

Observing that that a debate exists whether children should have such heavy bags and should attend so many online classes, the court on Monday observed there can be healthy discussions and took strong objections to Poonia's comments calling WhiteHat's teacher's housewives in the context of their qualification and putting their phone numbers in public domain.

Delhi High Court justice Mukta Gupta said, "The suit entails several disputed questions of fact which it would be improper to enter upon at this stage". There's nothing to learn from here.

Senior Advocate Neeraj Kishan Kaul appearing for WhiteHat Jr said Malpani had launched a slander campaign against the company on social media. They sought a sweeping gag order and wanted to prevent me from ever referring to them using trademarks as a basis. I am responsible for my tweet, but when I tweet, I must say what I know as a fact, not what a third party knows.

But the lawsuit, riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, also indicates how little criticism, a startup owned by India's second most valuable Byju, is willing to accept it.

Critics of the application like Poonia and Malpani have said that advertisements such as the Wolf Gupta one are misleading and are made to sell tall dreams to parents which might drastically affect the mental health and psychology of the children. The video has since been taken down.

WhiteHat Jr has also filed another defamation lawsuit of Rs 14 crore ($1.9 million) against angel investor Aniruddha Malpani. That case will be heard at the Delhi High Court on Tuesday.

Explaining the "unfair competition" claims in the Malpani lawsuit, WhiteHat Jr has alleged that Malpani is an investor in Bibox, which targets the same class of consumers as WhiteHat Jr and claims to teach "entrepreneurship" and "innovation" to children.

Several others have taken up social media as a platform to support the critics.

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