Now become a poet with the help of Google’s new tool

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Verse by Verse feature helps users mimic the style of a particular poet, from the 22 poets the tool offers, and after taking inputs from both human and machine, the tool creates a final poem. Now, Google has devised a tool that will help you craft a verse in the style of America's most renowned poets. Up to 3 poets can be selected by users from the list, which includes Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Edgar Allen Poe, HW Longfellow, and others. From their you choose the form, rhyme, scheme and syllable count.

Composing a poem isn't easy, especially if you don't have the creative skills required to write one.

Interestingly, Verse by Verse does not use the lines already written by the poets, rather what they would have written if they were writing. But well, Googe's newest tool that merges technology with culture, called Verse by Verse, does just that! Google says that it has trained its AI system to provide suggestions in the style of each individual poet to act as your muses while you compose a poem of your own.

You have to write the first line; following which, the software would supply you with suggestions with respect to the muse you have chosen. Once you write your first line, you can either write a second one or choose from a series of options inspired by the poets you've selected. Once users are satisfied with the end result, they can give the poem a title and finalize the same.

Google explained that Verse by Verse's suggestions are not the original lines of verse the poets had written, but novel verses generated to sound like lines of verse the poets could have written.

The application uses two AI models: a generative model and a semantic model. Further, you can either copy the poem or download it. The system was created to have a general understanding of what lines of verse would best follow a previous line of verse.

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