NFC East remains up for grabs. Here's how each team can win

The NFC East will come down to this

What Can Be Done About the "NFC Least"

So too are the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants - all three are at 3-7. But if you're a fan of one of the four teams in the division, you likely woke up Monday with a unusual feeling: Hope.

Only twice in standard seasons (not counting the 1982 strike-shortened year) have losing teams made the playoffs. The Titans and Colts will meet this weekend with control of the AFC South on the line, and the Cowboys will host Washington on Thanksgiving Day for what could be a pivotal game in the race for the wide open NFC East. The 2010 Seattle Seahakws won their division at 7-9 and the 2014 Carolina Panthers did it at 7-8-1.

The Eagles have a brutal upcoming three-game slate, but the schedule gets softer after that - and has two divisional games to end the year.

The current National Football League standings going into Week 12 have the 5-5 Chicago Bears as the 8th team in the standings; the team who would be denied a playoff spot if the season ended today.

Currently, the NFC Least has a cumulative winning percentage of.313. The cause for complaint still exists.

First, get rid of the automatic home playoff game for a team that wins their division - and it's not like the National Football League hasn't done this before: from 1978 through 1989, all inclusive, the division victor with the worst record among the three such teams in each conference did not get a guaranteed home playoff game, but the best wild card team actually did get such a game (if the worst division victor pulled off an upset in their divisional playoff game and the victor of the wild card game also pulled off an upset in that round, the worst division victor would be at home in the conference championship game, but that happened only once during the dozen aforementioned years - in 1987, when Washington, the NFC's worst division victor, got to host wild card Minnesota after Washington had upset Chicago and Minnesota had upset San Francisco in the divisional playoffs). Dallas needs Dalton to jump right back in and lead a winning streak if the dimming hopes of winning the division are to stay alive.

One far more simple change I think may come from this, and should, is that the division victor is ONLY guaranteed a playoff spot.

Hosting a game in the first round or any round of the playoffs should depend entirely on overall record and subsequent tiebreakers.

It pains me that every league doesn't just seed teams based on their regular-season records.

Again, there are still six weeks to go and the final playoff picture is far from clear.

But based on the current trajectories of all parties involved, I have a feeling we'll be coming back to this discussion with renewed vigor once the 2020 playoffs begin.

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