Miley Cyrus reveals she went sober to avoid joining the 27 Club

Miley Cyrus

Celebrity • News • USA Miley Cyrus BREAKS Her Sobriety….But Is Two Weeks Sober AGAIN

The singer told Apple Music's New Music Daily that she got sober earlier this year because she was afraid of joining stars such as Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix in the infamous "27 Club" of musicians who died at that age.

Along with revealing some behind-the-scenes secrets about Plastic Hearts, she also explained why she chose to quit drugs and alcohol earlier this year.

And though she was determined not to become another statistic, Cyrus told NMD that she did recently have a slip a few weeks ago. Instead, she made a decision to reset the days and start from zero.

With that being said, she mentioned that she is a really "disciplined" person when it comes to her struggle with addiction but she still relapsed amid the COVID-19 pandemic. "That's why it's never easy, but it's pretty easy for me to be sober or to get in and out of sobriety because it's like the day I don't want to do it anymore., I do not". It is a very crucial time.

Miley Cyrus is now "two weeks sober" after she "fell off" during quarantine. "I, like a lot of people, being completely honest, during the pandemic fell off", said the singer.

"One of the things I've used is, "Don't get furious, get curious".

Miley Cyrus
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Big talk, and very much a focus on the greats who have come before her, but is she putting too much pressure on herself with that?

Cyrus continued to say that the pandemic had produced something of a speed bump in her sobriety, saying she'd been sober for a fortnight at the time of the interview after she "fell off" the wagon.

" I think everyone does what they think is best for them". I don't have a problem with drinking. I have a problem with the decisions I make once I go past that level of. Even into, I've just been wanting to wake up 100 percent of the time. The song, which also features Dua Lipa, has already been adjudged a massive hit by her followers and has received positive reviews. As well, she confirms that she already has another album in the works.

For example, Cyrus revealed she'll turn off all of her devices: "everything in my house, no TVs, no phone, no computer, nothing, no music". Metallica are also one of the artists Cyrus credits for influencing Plastic Hearts' sound.

What are your reactions to Miley Cyrus' reason for getting sober?

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