Key GOP Michigan canvassing board member expected to vote against certifying results

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The request came a day after President Trump met at the White House with Republican state Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and GOP state House Speaker Lee Chatfield.

The Michigan Republican Party and the Republican National Committee on Saturday demanded that Michigan delay certifying the victory of presumptive President-elect Joseph R. Biden, saying the state should conduct an audit of votes in the Detroit area.

"For two weeks, the president and his campaign have been spreading misinformation and making baseless accusations of voting irregularities in cities with large concentrations of Black voters who participated in record numbers in this election", said NAACP LDF's President and Director-Counsel Sherrilyn Ifill in a release announcing the lawsuit against Trump and his campaign.

Initially, the announcement quelled fears that the legislators would intervene in the process.

This is true, but much different than reported by the media.

Several audits are expected to follow the certification of the election.

MI law only allows the legislature to pick a candidate in rare situations, like an extremely close race when two candidates have the same amount of votes.

"This is just about the math; both parties agree that the math from every county, which have all certified the results, is valid, and the results are certified", says Liedel.

Upton spoke with CNN's Dana Bash Sunday morning and said, "The voters have spoken".

"Equally alarming have been the president's attempts to pressure state and local officials in Michigan-first with a demand that votes in Detroit not be counted and now, more recently, urging officials to refuse to certify votes from Wayne County". It also asks that the judge block the hijacking of electoral votes.

"Appointing members of the electoral college is not legislative-it's not passing a law".

"Let the votes, not the politicians, speak", he added.

If the board does not confirm the results and the Michigan Supreme Court does not subsequently order it to do so, Chatfield said 'now we have a constitutional crisis'. "Whether the Board of Canvassers certifies our results tomorrow or decides to take the full time allowed by law to perform their duties, it's inappropriate for anyone to exert pressure on them".

"Michigan has a proud history the last 65 years that this board has always acted in an unanimous nonpartisan fashion", Brewer said. "You've got to let those votes stand".

Michigan's State Board of Canvassers will meet on Monday to certify the state's election results.

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