In scathing opinion, federal judge dismisses Trump campaign lawsuit in Pennsylvania

US President Donald Trump looking down

The ruling is another setback for President Donald Trump's attempt to invalidate the US presidential election

The Republican President is refusing to concede following his Democrat rival Joe Biden's victory in the election on November 3 and has made repeated allegations of fraud without providing evidence. The continuing baseless, evidence-free claims of alternative facts are actually having an effect on a substantial number of Americans.

But only 13 minutes after the scheduled start time, Trump was sending tweets focused on his efforts to overturn the results of the USA presidential election.

"If President Trump ultimately does concede, I think there's a parallel to 1960", Cox said, referring to his grandfather's unsuccessful presidential bid in 1960 when he lost to Democrat contender John F Kennedy.

"It's corrosive. It's harmful".

"How we bridge that gap between those who have strongly opposed this president and those who still support him is going to be a big challenge", he said.

"There was this outrage that the president was going to ask us to break the law, he was going to ask us to interfere, and that just simply didn't happen", he told Fox News of the highly unusual meeting. "He spent four years tearing this country apart, and it seems he's determined to spend the final days of his presidency doing the same thing", he said. Inauguration ceremonies and related events typically draw huge crowds to Washington. "They are creating the conditions for elections not to work in the future".

"Whether he's cynically riding that wave to achieve his ends or whether it taps into something he actually believes, here's what I can say for certain: that he does not consider it his job to fight against racist sentiments".

The Trump Administration, has refused to provide support in the transition.

When the event began, Trump was among the almost two-dozen world leaders who appeared via video-conference, beaming in from the White House situation room. We're building our policy plans.

"But there are other parts that are not in our control".

Transition spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters earlier this month that while a lot of work can be accomplished without access to government agencies, the president-elect and his team would benefit from intelligence briefings and real-time information from around the globe.

The Cabinet announcements could be released in tranches, with groups of nominees focused on a specific top area, like the economy, national security or public health, being announced at once. And so there are definite impacts. "The law only requires her to find who is the apparent victor of the election, and I can't imagine there's any dispute that Joe Biden is the apparent winner of the presidential election", Klain said.

Additionally, the President-elect tapped several alumni of his presidential campaign last week to take on senior positions as soon as he enters the White House in January.

Mr. Klain said there will be "scaled-down versions of the existing traditions" for Mr. Biden's inauguration. "That's our goal", Klain said in response to a question.

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