Trump Leaves G-20 Virtual Summit Before COVID Conference

President Trump had given a one-year notice to leave the Paris accord on Nov 4 2019

Trump to participate in virtual G20 summit

Further, it says Trump reaffirmed the importance of the G20 working together for future economic growth and prosperity.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

As the event unfolded, Mr. Trump was among the almost 20,000 world leaders who appeared in a video conference, voiced by the White House.

The outgoing POTUS joined other world leaders for the summit via video-link from The White House yesterday (Saturday); however, shortly after opening remarks began at 8am, he began tweeting about his continuing efforts to overturn the result of the election.

The meeting featured remarks from French president, Emmanuel Macron, and the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, and was focused on the "coordinated response to the coronavirus pandemic and improved global pandemic preparedness".

By 10am, Trump was leaving the White House to go to his golf course outside of Washington DC.

The Hill reports that Trump's public schedule shows he's to attend another G-20 session Sunday morning. But this is the last time Trump will meet in the setting of a summit With other world leaders The end of his presidency is approaching. Most of the other G20 leaders Had congratulated President-elect Joe Biden on his victory, with the exception of prominent Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Despite an epidemic that requires global efforts to control the virus, there is not much expectation for the G20 this year.

The summit, which was attended by world leaders from around the world, is taking place nearly this year due to the Govt-19 epidemic, which has now killed more than 250,000 Americans - the world's largest total.

Trump has never been a part of the summit, although they have not been held definitively. Before the G7 coup past year in Biarritz, France, he asked his aides if it was really worth attending.

It was Trump's time to host the G7 this year, but the epidemic of plans to run leaders in the United States failed. At one point, Trump raised the possibility of a G7 meeting after the election, but officials say there are no plans now in place to arrange a meeting before the G7 presidency moves to the United Kingdom in January.

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