'Cannibal' German teacher 'murdered and ate a man in Berlin'

German police have arrested a 41-year-old man on suspicion of cannibalism. — Reuters file pic

German police have arrested a 41-year-old man on suspicion of cannibalism. — Reuters file pic

German prosecutors say the killing of a 44-year-old man in Berlin earlier this month has evidence of humanitarianism.

A 44-year old man has been arrested by police in Berlin on suspicion of cannibalism, after a pile of bones was discovered in one of the city's suburbs.

"The suspect had an interest in cannibalism, ' said prosecutors" office spokesman Martin Steltner.

"He searched online for the topic", he said.

He said it was unclear whether the victim also had an interest in cannibalism.

He added that the suspect and victim - both Germans - had been in contact with each other online.

On November 8, a field on the north coast of Berlin, near the border with the state of Brandenburg, collapsed into the remains of a human foot.

Further forensic investigations then led them to the 41-year-old suspect, police said.

"We then found bones about 15 to 20 minutes by auto from the suspect's apartment, and we found body parts that clearly belong to the missing person", he said.

Investigators were led by a sniffer dog to the house of the 41-year-old suspect, this case of cannibalism was different when compared to earlier cases in Germany because there are no indications the victim consented in any way.

Newspapers Fig Investigators also discovered 25 kg of sodium hydroxide, a reagent that can be used to dissolve body tissues.

'Bernd came to me of his own free will to end his life, ' Meiwes claimed, saying his victim had wanted to be stabbed to death after overdosing to lose consciousness. Neither of their names was released, for privacy reasons.

In another case that shocked Germany, Armin Meiwes, nicknamed the "cannibal of Rotenburg", was sentenced to life in prison in 2006.

Like arresting a suspect in the Berlin murder case, Mewis was quick to talk to prosecutors and share his emotional details.

In 2015, a German police officer was convicted of murder for killing a man he met in an internet chat forum devoted to cannibalism.

Police said they were able to track the suspect after tracking the phone of the 44-year-old victim.

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