Amazon Echo Frames smart glasses now available, Echo Loop smart ring dead

Amazon Echo Frames

Amazon Echo Frames smart glasses now available, Echo Loop smart ring dead

In 2019, the company launched a pair of experimental products to see if it made sense to put Alexa in a ring and a pair of glasses. "Day 1" customers who own an Echo Loop will continue to receive updates and support for their smart ring, however.

Last year, Amazon announced Echo Frames, which are nearly exactly what they sound like - a prescription-ready eyeglasses frame that looks pretty standard but has built-in microphones for you to summon Alexa.

Whether "the little voice in your head" is something you'd want to constantly hear was the subject of a Washington Post test of the glasses earlier this year.

Today, Amazon announced the all-new Echo Frames with improved audio quality, longer battery life (up to 40% longer for continuous playback than the previous generation at 60% volume), new colors, and features. They were announced as a "Day One" product, made in limited quantities and only available via a special invitation. The first model had open-ear speakers where you would hear replies, and the new model can automatically adjust volume based on how loud your surroundings are. Amazon says the microphone is created to only hear the wearer's voice, and can be muted with a double-press of a button.

Echo Frames smart glasses. That way, you won't be annoyed (and the battery won't be drained by) a constant stream of unnecessary notifications; only calls and messages from your most important contacts will come through.

Available now for $249.99 and shipping on December 10, Echo Frames come with non-corrective lenses and are compatible with most prescription lenses, according to Amazon.

Echo Frames are available in Modern Tortoise, Horizon Blue, and Classic Black.

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