Schools, businesses closed: Nunavut goes into lockdown due to COVID-19

Nunavut is shutting down for two weeks to try to get cases of COVID-19 under control. All schools and non-essential businesses are closed as are libraries fitness

34 new cases of COVID-19 announced in Canada's Arctic territory of Nunavut

The Nunavut government is expected to provide an update on the territory's COVID-19 situation Wednesday morning, after a major surge in coronavirus cases this week.

Small boats make their way through the Frobisher Bay inlet in Iqaluit on August 2, 2019.

All individuals are in isolation and doing well, according to a press release.

Prime Minister Joe Savikatak urged Nunafumiot to follow the public health orders that went into effect on Wednesday. Don't gather or socialize. "Do not travel unless absolutely necessary", Savikatak said.

"This is it, folks". The community now has 46 COVID-19 cases. Schools and non-essential businesses are being closed for two weeks.

Health centers are closed except for emergency cases, and Giquetani General Hospital in Iqaluit does not accept accommodation.

Gatherings are restricted to five people and are not allowed in homes.

"Our rise in cases over the past few days is significant, and seems scary", Savikataaq said, but "we did know they would rise once it is in the territory".

In Iqaluit, streets were quiet and parking lots mostly empty on the first day of the shutdown.

Two weeks ago, face masks were rarely seen in the capital.

Nunavut went into a similar lockdown in March, but restrictions were lifted over the summer because the province had no cases.

Whale Cove remains at eight positive cases and Sanikiluaq remains at two positive cases.

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