Susan Collins: Sara Gideon ‘Has Done Nothing’ to Help Maine with Coronavirus

Sen. Susan Collins R-Maine speaks during a Senate Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington Tuesday

Susan Collins Sara Gideon ‘Has Done Nothing’ to Help Maine with Coronavirus 2 Al Drago Pool via APAshley Oliver16 Oct 2020

Susan Collins won't support Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

Trump's tweet came after Republicans enjoyed a mostly successful week of confirmation hearings. This week she said she would be a "no" vote.

'There is a nasty rumor out there that @SenatorCollins of ME will not be supporting our great United States Supreme Court Nominee, ' Trump wrote Friday morning. Susan Collins of ME, one of the most endangered GOP incumbents, saying she is "not worth the work" of trying to persuade her to vote for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

The president further criticized Collins for not supporting his "opening up 5,000 square miles of Ocean to ME", referring to his decision this year to open the Northeast Canyon and Seamounts Marine National Monument to commercial fishing. Not worth the work!' he wrote.

Barrett is expected clear the Judiciary Committee easily and then have her nomination prevail in the Senate, where the Democrats are unable to stall it from coming up before Election Day. Recent polls have consistently shown Collins trailing Gideon by as little as 1 percentage point and as many as 12 points, with most putting the gap between 4 and 5 percentage points.

Collins also voted to acquit Trump of impeachment charges in February, a move that emboldened critics further and surprised some who thought she might go against her party.

The incumbent senator discussed how it helped sustain paychecks and benefits for 250,000 ME workers and also stated that she is pushing for further relief, especially for the hardest-hit businesses in the Pine Tree State such as restaurants and those in the tourism industry.

She opposed a GOP effort to repeal Obamacare during Trump's first year in office. "But if that's what she said, I totally disagree", he said.

The president's harsh comments come less than three weeks before Election Day, when both he and Collins face stiff challenges.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says Republicans now have enough votes to confirm Barrett during a vote on October 25. Sen.

She responded to Trump with a statement saying: 'Senator Collins works with this President - like she does with all Presidents - when she thinks he's right, and she opposes him when she thinks he's wrong. We need her continued experience and dedication to the people of ME in Washington in these trying times, not the proven unethical upstart who is now running against her.

Gideon also pointed out that ME has among the nation's lowest COVID-19 infection and death rates because "the leadership that has happened here" and despite a lack of leadership at the national level from President Trump. And we hear why the outcome of this race could have an impact well beyond Maine.

While Collins has not confirmed that she plans to vote against Barrett's nomination, she has said the duty of filling Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Supreme Court seat should fall to whoever wins the 2020 general election.

She acknowledged last month that her vote to confirm Kavanaugh "was going to hurt me politically, but there's no sense in being in the Senate if you're not willing to stand up and do what is right during those hard times". "In fairness to the American people, who will either be reelecting the President or selecting a new one, the decision on a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court should be made by the President who is elected on November 3rd". She was one of three Republican senators - along with Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and the late John McCain of Arizona, who voted against that proposal, which was narrowly defeated.

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