Mike Pence's fly from VP debate is now a Halloween costume

SNL: Jim Carrey`s Joe Biden transforms into a fly on VP Mike Pence`s head

SNL Takes Aim at the Fly-Infested Vice Presidential Debate

The insect landed on the vice president's head during the latter half of Wednesday's debate and remained there for almost two minutes, setting off a flurry of memes, jokes, and other reactions across social media.

On a base bearing his name, the Mike Pence Fly Bobblehead features Pence behind a podium in his debate-night suit with the fly on his head, a plexiglass-like barrier and a removable mini fly swatter.

Just like always, Maya Rudolph took the spotlight by reprising her role as Kamala Harris while Beck Bennett played Vice President Mike Pence in this episode. The show began with Kate McKinnon playing the debate moderator Susan Page.

Carrey's Biden suddenly felt the urge to teleport to the debate to "save the soul" of the United States, but the machine malfunctioned, turning Biden into the fly that stole a good chunk of the actual debate headlines last week after it rested on Pence's head for multiple minutes.

In addition to having Carrey's Biden morph into a fly, the sketch parodied the movie further by making him act like the film's star, Jeff Goldblum.

There are no other debates scheduled between Pence and Harris, and now it is being reported that the Commission on Presidential Debates has canceled the second debate after Trump declined an offer to conduct the October 15 event virtually because of his coronavirus diagnosis. "They all told me, 'Dad, you did OK, ' but they did tell me about the fly", Pence said.

When asked about a potential vaccine approved by the Trump administration, Kamala responded, "If the public health professionals, if Dr. (Anthony) Fauci, if the doctors tell us that we should take it, I'll be the first in line to take it".

"I didn't know he was there", Pence told Fox Information host Dana Perino in a Columbus Day interview from Ohio. If you're watching this at home, don't trust this white devil about that "rona".

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