Melbourne, Here's What You Can and Can't Do From Midnight Tonight

Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne yesterday. After more than 100 days in a strict lockdown that allowed only for two hours of outdoor activity a day the five million people living in Melbourne Victoria's capital will be able to spend as much time

Melbourne, Here's What You Can and Can't Do From Midnight Tonight

"We will be visiting each of those people and making sure that they are fully up to date, as it were, when it comes to the rules, the regulations, the structures that we have in Victoria".

Andrews said they had managed to locate 23 of those people at 16 addresses, after receiving the list 12 hours after they arrived.

But Daniel Andrews, the premier of Victoria state which encompasses Melbourne, rejected growing calls for an end to all limits on people being able to leave their homes and for a broader reopening of restaurants and other retail businesses.

"One of them was in Byron Bay [in New South Wales] and yet we were told they had landed and travelled to Melbourne".

Victoria's health department later confirmed all travellers had been contacted while clarifying three hadn't even entered the state.

"There is no sound reason to continue the restrictions on business, especially with case numbers clearly on a downward trajectory", Business Council of Australia chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

The premier said he wants the issue "fixed" as he did not agree to be part of the COVID-19 bubble arrangement with New Zealand.

Yesterday, Andrews said officials had "absolutely no power" to detain the travellers from New Zealand.

"So the Victorian government was present when it was discussed, they were made aware that this was going to occur, they raised no objections in the meetings", Mr Tudge told reporters.

"The bloody-mindedness is unforgivable", Mr Frydenberg said on Monday.

He said the stay-at-home rule could be lifted and other business restrictions eased on November 1 if community transmission of the virus remains under control.

"I know and understand that not everything that everybody wanted is in the announcements I have made today", Mr Andrews said. "I just make this point, I have announced today what is safe".

"So the very fact that we have done what the Prime Minister wants us to do and keep our border open, then we get asked, do you want to be in a New Zealand bubble and we say no, and now we find we are, so, we would actually be better off if we had done what the Federal Government has criticised every day and twice on Sundays for months, close our borders", he said.

"Throughout the lockdown more than 1000 jobs have been lost, on average, every day".

Federal Labor frontbencher Tanya Plibersek was unimpressed.

Conservative politicians in other states, and the federal government, have been increasingly critical of Andrews' centre-left government for maintaining the strict lockdown in Victoria, saying it was undermining national recovery efforts.

"He hasn't done it for popularity, he's done it because he's considered it the right thing to do".

"The federal government ought to be looking at its own role in Victoria's difficulties including aged care".

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