Prince William and Kate Middleton compete in virtual Pictionary game with students

Prince William reveals Kate Middleton is better at this than him

Catherine sports white lab coat over deep-blue belted dress for solo outing

They played Pictionary with students at the Islamabad Model College for Girls and spoke about cricket with children at the SOS Children's Village.

Prince Louis ' parents played a game of Pictionary with the students from Pakistan after hearing from teachers about how the school's activities have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

'It's really hard!' Kate added, to which the Duke joked: 'I'm so glad you're drawing boys and we don't have to draw'.

During a video call released on October 16, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge heard about how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the schools, and they got to play a fun game of Pictionary with the students!

When the student then asked why William was not a better artist, Kate chimed in to admit that her husband doesn't brush up on his drawing skills often enough.

Following their fun game, Kate asks the students if they appreciate coming back to school now - and sees their friends and teachers.

"You don't practice enough", the duchess admonished him with a smile.

'Yes, very happy, ' one disciple asked before answering if he liked the pair's drawing.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would possibly simply be Pictionary professionals!

"Sure, undoubtedly, we each like a little bit little bit of drawing", William stated.

"I'm very glad you guys are drawing and we're not having to attract", William informed the scholars in a clip from their video chat on Kensington Palace's Instagram web page.

Some of the village's children also showed the royal couple the artwork that they had created about their memories of the visit a year ago, including drawings and friendship bracelets.

The couple were also shown friendship bracelets made by a little girl named Minahil Kabeer.

During their visit to the government-run school previous year, the Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess met with sixth-form students from kindergarten.

During the call, the teaching staff spoke to the Duke and Duchess about how they adapted their operations whilst the school was closed between March and September by providing learning packs to pupils and WhatsApp schooling.

The royals also spoke with staff and students from the SOS Children's Village, which they visited past year.

The Duke and Duchess visited the village twice during their tour where they participated in a number of activities, including cricket, arts and crafts, and joined a birthday party for one of the children supported by the village.

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