Mass. reports 550 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 21 more deaths

Four states have been added to Massachusetts' 'low-risk' travel list

More Than 9500 Confirmed COVID-19 Deaths In Massachusetts

The total number of deaths among confirmed COVID-19 cases statewide now stands at 9,503, the Department of Public Heath said.

Cases fell from 702 Friday and are down slightly from 587 a week ago today. New York, New Jersey, and CT use the same 10-per-100,000 threshold for their tri-state travel rules.

Several important data points have been on the rise over the past month in the Commonwealth.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in MA grew by 550 on Saturday, bringing the total to 139,903 cases as public health officials announced the deaths of 21 additional patients diagnosed with the virus.

Amid the recent uptick, Baker said Tuesday there was "no question that there will be more cases this fall" as the weather turns colder and MA ramps up its testing capacity.

MA has added another four states to its list of low-risk areas that do not require travelers to fill out, test or isolate a form.

Rhode Island is still considered a high-risk state, and restrictions on travel between MA and the Ocean state are in place. New Jersey, Hawaii, California and Washington were added to the list of public health departments. Currently, the list of low-risk areas includes: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Washington State and Washington, D.C. Rhode Island, and between MA.

Emerson does not update its COVID-19 dashboard on the weekends as no new tests are administered at Tufts Medical Center. Violators could be hit with a fine of $500 a day. However, there are exceptions for travelers from higher-risk states who are only passing through MA, as well as other types of essential cross-border trips, such as commuting to work, visiting for medical care or groceries, or caring for a family member.

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