Home Circuit; Here's the Launch Trailer

Image via Nintendo

Image via Nintendo

Home Circuit box contains your remote-controlled Mario or Luigi racer, a set of gates for them to race through, and the necessary instruction manual and wires required to get you set up.

This is because Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is an online-only game that requires you to download it from the Nintendo eShop. But there is one demographic that's not enjoying this neat new toy: cats. That being said, this still is a great example of how creative players can be with the new hybrid Mario Kart game. It's fantastic, and I'm here to share some of those clips with you. Much of the merchandise is emblazoned with the phrase "Whose cap?" or "Whose crown?", with motifs based on Mario, Luigi and Peach's hats, moustaches, crown and silhouette.

Most players have enjoyed the fresh Mario Kart experience, but their pets may have different opinions about the karts driving through their hiding spaces. I will note, though, that these are clearly not dogs that are afraid of the vacuum cleaner. It's called Mario Kart Live Home Circuit, and the concept is as simple as simple can be, as you'll be using actual Mario Kart RC vehicles and controlling them via your Nintendo Switch to have races within your own home. For $100 each, the sets come with the Home Circuit game, customizable course materials like gates, and the wireless connectable kart with Luigi or Mario (depending on which version you choose). Just make sure your cat doesn't break the kart completely.

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