Global coronavirus rise by one-day record of 400,000

Global COVID-19 cases rise by a one-day record

Global daily COVID-19 infections hit record high with nearly 400000 new cases: WHO

Guerres told the Portuguese news agency Lusa: "The Covid-19 epidemic is a major global challenge for the entire worldwide community, multilateralism and, for me, as Secretary-General of the United Nations".

"Unfortunately, it is a test that, so far, that the global community has failed".

In the United States, President Donald Trump called for the creation of a major economic stimulus package as infections in the United States exceeded eight million, with several states having record spikes.

The number of new coronavirus infections in India continues to rise to record levels every day, an update from state health officials on Saturday added another 31 CVD-19 deaths to the state's tally.

In the past seven days it has registered almost 142,800 new infections, more than the 132,430 registered during the entire two-month lockdown from mid-March to mid-May. The numbers have fallen by more than 20,400 over the last three weeks, down 22% from its previous peak.

Meanwhile, India had reported 62,212 new cases on Saturday, the second largest daily increase globally, which has taken the country's total caseload to 7,432,680 as of Saturday, the tally showed.

Europe, which successfully tamped down the first surge of infections, has emerged as the new coronavirus epicenter in recent weeks and is reporting on average 140,000 cases a day over the past week.

With 218,633 deaths and around 8.08 million confirmed cases, the United States tops the list of twenty countries with the highest recorded infections and deaths in the world, followed by India, Brazil and Russian Federation.

Of every 100 injuries around the world, 34 were from European countries, according to a Reuters analysis.

Major European countries - the United kingdom, France, Russia, Holland And the Spain It accounted for about half of the new cases in Europe in the week ending October 18.

Latin america It is the region most affected with around 27% of all Covid-19 cases, followed by Asia, North America and Europe.

Infections have been reported in more than 210 countries and territories since the first cases were identified in China in December 2019.

Some European countries close schools, cancel elective surgeries, and seek medical help to confront the resurgence of the epidemic.

In Spain, the authorities are in Catalonia Bars and restaurants have been ordered to close for 15 days and restricted the number of people allowed to enter stores.

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