Showtime is bringing Dexter back from the dead

How will a new “Dexter” series redeem the worst TV finale

Breaking News! OFFICIAL: Dexter Returns For Season 9 / 10-Episode Limited Series in 2021!

The show about the fictional serial killer Dexter Morgan has been revived by the Showtime network for its 9th season and it has been planned that a total of 10 episodes will be made.

It's not yet known where the new series will pick up, but the original show ended after eight seasons with Dexter faking his death and living under a new name in OR after wrecking his boat and escaping from a hospital with the body of his sister, who had been shot and left in a coma, and having sent his son Harrison and love interest Hannah to live in Argentina. But it ironically makes a less-favorable list, too, as having one of the worst series finales in history. Earlier today it was announced by Showtime, that America's favorite serial killer Dexter, will be back for a limited 10-episode series! Hall will reprise his role as Dexter Morgan, the Miami Metro Police Department blood spatter analyst by day, green-shirted killer by night.

Murmurs of a reboot or revival have been going since 2015 as fans longed for more satisfying closure.

How will a new “Dexter” series redeem the worst TV finale
'Dexter' Boss Reveals More Details About the Upcoming Revival!

Dexter is known to have had one of the worst TV finals in history, albeit a bit subjective, but it's usually viewed as the opposite of the "gold standard" for ending a series.

The season finale aired in 2013, saw Dexter killing his sister Debra and ending up himself in a hurricane. Hall also plays the part of Dexter in the show. Laugh when they laugh, cry when they cry. It honestly felt like season 2 when Dexter's victims were first spotted and the walls seem to be getting closer to him, more like a final season, and I've always found it freaky that the series would end with the show on Dexter never was and the public deal with his crimes. He looks out the window as the drugs are administered and sees his many, many, many victims staring back at him. It would seem the entire show wasn't a dream, per se, but a vision of Dexter's life flashing before his eyes in those, the last few seconds of his own life. We were able to see the return of other still living characters like Joey Quinn and Angel Batista, although, as you may recall, other important ones like Maria La Guerta were killed before the finale. The limited series revival will premiere on Showtime in the fall of 2021.

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