Roman Reigns Appears on 'First Take', Talks NFL, Smackdown Premiere

Roman Reigns on a Possible Match with The Rock

Next Week's WWE SmackDown Airing On Fox Sports 1

Roman Reigns will also be defending the Universal Championship against Braun Strowman in what will be Strowman's final match on SmackDown before he heads to Raw.

Roman Reigns recently said that Braun Strowman did not deserve new opportunities.

Goldberg didn't reveal whether he will actually be inside the building, or watching the action from his home. Roman Reigns is a former member of The Shield and is one of the most famous WWE stars in the world.

Max Kellerman then asked Reigns which current National Football League player would best make the transition to the WWE if they were interested. Strowman spoke about how Roman has developed a chip on his shoulder, stating that he is looking forward to humbling him tonight.

However, Jey Uso didn't succumb to what Reigns wanted and earned another title shot; although this time, it would be inside Hell in a Cell. He was on ESPN First Take to promote the match. When I say that I don't deserve this title chance, I agree with him. Reigns stated that it would be great for the younger generation.

"I am really enjoying what I am doing right now being able to share the ring with my cousin Jey Uso and to be able to tell the family story and to tell about our family business, lineage, and history, where we come from and represent our family is pretty cool". But I would have let Roman take my life before I would have tapped out!

However, Braun Strowman added that he deserved every opportunity to find his way in his career. He would conclude by saying that he is going to "whoop Strowman's ass" this coming Friday. I did my a ** off to get where I am and make a name for myself and I would be damned if this guy tried to tarnish what I did to talk all this crap.

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