Dedicated Medical Center Holding Flu Clinic at Whataburger

Flu vaccination campaign – Everything you need to know

Get Your Flu Shot Now, Health Officials Urge

The flu vaccine is always important especially this year because of the COVID pandemic, especially for vulnerable people.

Representatives from the Plumas County Public Health Agency and Care Flight pose for a photo following the drive-thru flu vaccination clinic held in Quincy on October 16.

Can a vaccination cause the flu?

Locations of all flu immunization clinics in the province can be found here, while online bookings for Island Health public health flu clinics can be made here.

"The less influenza illness we have the less people will need to get tested or rule out COVID illnesses as well".

Community members can schedule an appointment at one of Fairfax County's flu vaccine clinics by calling 703-246-6010.

"There is no better time to get your flu shot than now", said Department of Health Acting Cabinet Secretary Billy Jimenez.

The continued coronas virus is expected to be intensified by the flu season, which is just around the corner. "We know people spend more time indoors during the holidays, which are not too far away". You may get out of your vehicle or you can choose to have the shot given while remaining in your vehicle.

Dr. Dee Hoyano of VIHA says health authorities distribute the vaccine as they receive it, so people may experience waits when they try to get a flu shot, but she says don't be put off by having to wait and ask for one now rather than later. An annual flu shot visit is a great time for kids to catch up on all vaccinations.

In North Carolina, flu infections are most common from late fall to early spring with activity usually peaking in January or February.

The clinics were originally meant to exclusively serve people 50 and older, because older people tend to be more at risk for flu-related complications.

The CDC recommends flu vaccination every year for everyone 6 months and older.

Flu vaccine is available from health care providers, local health departments and many pharmacies. Treatment with a prescription antiviral drug is especially important for hospitalized patients, people with severe flu illness and those who are at high risk of serious flu complications based on their age or health.

This flu season is going to be like none other because the flu and coronavirus have very similar symptoms. Not to mention on a personal level, catching both COVID-19 and the flu simultaneously could be devastating.

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