Biden to face voters in ABC News Town Hall from Philadelphia

Trump wears 'MAGA' cap, pulls off tie at Iowa rally

Trump, Biden to hold rival TV town halls instead of debate

President Trump will participate in an NBC News town hall held outdoors in Miami on Thursday, setting up an evening of competing events featuring the president and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

-Democratic leaders urge Joe Biden supporters to vote early and in huge numbers amid concerns that nothing short of a decisive win for the Democratic candidate will stave off a move by President Donald Trump to contest the result of the November 3 election. And in North Carolina a judge rules that absentee ballots must have witness signatures, in a boost for Republicans seeking tougher rules on mail-in voting.

Trump's campaign is counting on a surge of last-minute votes.

Four years ago at this stage of the campaign, more than twice as many people were similarly wavering between Trump and his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

The Reuters/Ipsos polling shows Biden holding a 10 percentage-point lead nationally, with a tighter margin in the battleground states that will help decide the election.

Trump wears 'MAGA' cap, pulls off tie at Iowa rally
Split screen: Trump and Biden to headline dueling town halls

Biden traveled to Pennsylvania last weekend and made stops in OH and Florida at the beginning of this week.

Debate organizers said they wanted to switch the format to a virtual appearance, for safety reasons, and Trump refused, forcing cancellation of the event. The next and final debate will be held October 22.

Before he left for the rally on Monday, White House physician Sean Conley said that Trump has tested negative for the novel coronavirus "on consecutive days", in the first public disclosure about the US President's health status.

Although neither Biden nor Harris was in close contact with the people, the campaign said it was cancelling Harris' travel until after Sunday, "in line with our campaign's commitment to the highest levels of precaution". Trump asked the large crowd of supporters on Wednesday night at the Des Moines International Airport.

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