Apple Announces Oct. 13 iPhone 12 Event

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Source Apple

Apple is gearing up to launch its highly-anticipated iPhone 12 series during an online event on 13th October. Notably the top model (at 6.7-inches) will be the largest screened iPhone ever. We already knew that this was a high-chance date since last month, but it has now been officially confirmed. We don't have a crystal ball, but we'd be willing to bet money on at least one new iPhone debuting at this event.

Apple's new Watches and iPads just had their turn in the spotlight; now it's time for the iPhone 12 to take the stage. "Indeed, leaks point to the 5nm Apple A14 being a very powerful mobile SoC, and of course it is going to form the foundation of the A14X which will power the first 'Apple Silicon" Arm-based Macs in due course. But the Apple iPhone 12 might cause some Android diehards to defect.

According to an internal memo acquired by MacRumors, Apple will be including the colorful iPhone 5c to the list of vintage and obsolete products on october 31. However, not all of it is true. And the iPhone 12 series' release date would finally happen one week later on October 23.

Apple iPhone 12 Will Come in Four Variants?

The next iPhone has been a big topic this year, as coronavirus lockdowns caused disruptions to Apple's global supply chain. The smallest model said to be announced next week is the 5.4-inch iPhone 12, which sits between the original iPhone SE and the SE released this year in terms of size. Also, the circler rings around the Apple logo indicate Siri interface with smaller HomePod. The latest update about the upcoming iPhones that has gained significant attention is their prices.

Source Apple
Source Apple

The iPhone 5c was powered by the A6 chip (backed by 1GB of RAM), had a 4-inch display, had an 8MP rear camera and a 1.2MP selfie camera and was sold in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB storage configurations. Furthermore, it is being speculated that it might be the new 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Reportedly, the iPhone 12 range may start from $649 for iPhone 12 Mini, as against $699, which is the starting price of last year's iPhone 11.

Apple removed third-party speakers and headphones from all its stores, so this is a clear sign that something is coming.

iPhone 12 Pro will have a quad-camera setup at the back and it will be equipped with 5G support.

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